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    Aims and Objectives
    Mar Thoma Vidya Peeth is a Christian School which attempts to impart moral values to
    the children. Its aim is the development of the whole child – physical, mental,
    social and emotional.
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    The School Assembly
    The School Assembly is held on all days and the Principal addresses the students.
    Special assemblies are held on occasions like Independence Day.
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    The School Emblem
    The School emblem represents the theme of the Mar Thoma Church “Lighted to Lighten”.
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    Bus Facility
    Bus Facility is available for Children.

Video Gallery

Face Of The School

Assembly is an integral part of the school. It is the face of the school, which represents the existence of the school essence. The morning assembly is the factor where all children collectively learn values of life.
From the very first day of the school, our students have been conducting assembly in the school. In the beginning under the guidance of their class teacher, students from classes I – X conducted assembly but now without the help of teacher they show their talents through various activities in assembly.
Our principal ma’am respected Miss Shyamala Rao introduced the theme of HAPPINESS in the assembly. She never forgets to ask students to remain cheerful throughout the day. She inculcates moral values in students by narrating short stories in the assembly which has moral values. It is her motivational words which keep our students fresh and energetic. Our main motto is to inculcate value like leadership quality in students. Students have eradicated their stage fear and developed confidence through the assembly. Everyday our students talk about the importance of day in the assembly.
If the start of the day is full of happiness, the whole day goes to excitement. When we are happy, we have more motivation and determination to improve ourselves. Happiness improves an individual’ health.

International Literacy Day [8 September ]

Our school organized a seminar on "Importance of Literacy and skill development".
Asst. Police Officer, Kalyan [Bazarpeth]: Gorkshnath Jaid was invited to speak on the topic.

International Literacy Day, celebrated annually on 8 September, is an opportunity for Governments, civil society and stakeholders to highlight improvements in world literacy rates, and reflect on the world's remaining literacy challenges.
This year's theme is 'Literacy and skills development.'

Investiture ceremony an oath to serve with smile

The new cabinet I..e the new students council for the current scholastic year was sworn in during a very magnificent investiture ceremony.
A welcome address was made by our beloved students of STD X.

The lamp was illuminated by principal madam.

Then followed well orchestrated entry by school perfects.

The prefects carried their respective house flag with dignity , marching towards the stage in perfect harmony with the drum beat.

The badges were handed to the office bearers better known as the members of the student's council.

Principal madam administered oath, and then , the rest of prefects council were administered the oath.

Nature walk and tree plantation program

Van Mahotsav

Blue Day Celebrated in The School

Mass P.T

Yoga Day