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    Aims and Objectives
    Mar Thoma Vidya Peeth is a Christian School which attempts to impart moral values to
    the children. Its aim is the development of the whole child – physical, mental,
    social and emotional.
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    The School Assembly
    The School Assembly is held on all days and the Principal addresses the students.
    Special assemblies are held on occasions like Independence Day.
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    The School Emblem
    The School emblem represents the theme of the Mar Thoma Church “Lighted to Lighten”.
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    Bus Facility
    Bus Facility is available for Children.

Welcome to Marthoma Vidya Peeth

Mar Thoma Vidya Peeth at Goveli, near Titwala, a place 12 kilometers away from Kalyan, considering the scope of reaching the ordinary school children with certain higher impacts of central education programme. The school conducts classes from standard I to X along with Nursery, Junior K G and Senior K G. A dedicated set of teachers, non-teaching staff and members of the management


Manager's Desk

Dear Friends, Parents & Guardians,
“In learning you may teach, and in teaching you may learn.” It is an indisputable truth that teaching involves learning.We take pride in our educational and social services rendered to our society named Easow Mar Timotheos Welfare Center under the prestigious banner of Mar Thoma Church. ... Read More..

Message From Principal

We strive to provide an education that meets the needs of all children. We offer a wide and varied curriculum taught by enthusiastic, talented staff. We acknowledge that academic success is not something that all students find easy, however our goal is to have all our students realize their potential.... Read More..

News And Events

22 August
26 August

CBSE Affiliation No.: 1130764
The School Emblem

The School emblem represents the theme of the Mar Thoma Church “Lighted to Lighten”. Four segments of the shield representing the Christian value of Sacrifice, the book of knowledge, the beauty of nature and the light which removes the darkness. Our motto “Vidhya Dhanam Sarva Dhana Pradanam”, a Sanskrit sloka pronounces the importance of Education, in achieving success by means of honest and strenuous effort, putting full faith in God.


I would be true, for there are those who trust me/ I would be pure, for there are those who care/ I would be strong, for there is much to suffer/ I would be brave, for there is much to dare/ I would be brave for there is much to dare/ I would be friend of all, the foe, the friendless/ I would be giving and forget the gift/ I would be humble, for I know my weakness/ I would look up, and laugh and loved and lift/ I would look up, and laugh and love and lift/
School Prayer
O my God / Help me today / to keep my mind/ on my lesson, Help me / to respect my teachers / and to loved my friend. Help me / to make this day happy / by doing good to others. Bless my parents and teachers. Keep them in your loving care.
Prayer before Class
O my God / thank you for everything / that has happened to me / during this day. Thank you for bringing me safely / to the end of this day. I am sorry / for anything / I might have done / to hurt you / or my friends. Help me / to make tomorrow / a better day for others.
Prayer after class


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